We created a facility to support a community that enjoys the health, fitness, and safety benefits of water-based activities. From swim lessons, to youth competitive swim teams, adult triathlon training, aquatic group fitness, to aquatic rehabilitation…and everything in between: Swim Seventy is Fairfield County’s premier aquatic and athletic training facility.


Our mission consists of three principle components:

  1. High Performance Services
  2. Positive Social Impact
  3. Sustainable Economic Profitability

We provide an exemplary aquatic experience, while also having a fundamental social focus. Our Seventy Skills program provides 10 free water safety lessons to all First Graders, we offer reduced-price swim lessons to those who qualify, and swim team scholarships. Our facility also meets and exceeds current green standards.

WHY “70”, YOU ASK?

Two reasons. First, the Earth’s surface is 70% water. Can you swim? And second, the fastest animal swims 70mph. Can you qualify? (Do you know what the animal is?… It’s the sailfish!)


Swim Seventy is for-profit, and privately owned by four principals who are all active in Norwalk and in the local swimming community:

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